Our Vision

The amount of data being generated around the world is multiplying every day.

When we think about data driven solutions we aim for solutions that give ongoing returns that compound. We also think of how to create solutions that create magnification effects, where the value created is many times greater than the sum of it’s parts. The parts typically means data, technology and human experts.

Augmenting human intelligence

Fully automated solutions fail because companies need to be able to react to random events and the competition. Our solutions are designed with human experts as part of the workflow. This makes your solution flexible to unknown events and ensures human collaboration isn’t inhibited. We think of our solutions as the coming together of the human mind with the quantitative capabilities of computers.

Creating network effects

We look for opportunities to create positive network effects in our solutions, where the value of our product increases for an individual as more users of their organisation adopt it.

Building solutions in new domains

When we take our solutions into a new domain we often find that our client feels the sensation of a leap forward in possibilities. When data science, design thinking and computation are brought together within the domain of a client amazing things happen!